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Greenwave is committed to providing solutions and producing conservation results that support the sustainability goals of our clients, municipalities, provinces and country. Our economic-based environmental strategies allow energy efficiency opportunities to be continually identified and prioritized, maximizing greenhouse gas emissions reductions. 

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in building a sustainable future,  and we are here to help.

Greenwave has created a real-time energy dashboard that is designed to help our clients tell their sustainability story and engage with tenants, guests, employees, executives and investors. Monitors are placed in strategic locations where real-time performance metrics and positive environmental impacts from energy conservation efforts can be displayed.

Greenwave’s platform provides social media integration (including calls to action and interactive posting), news feeds, weather reports and remotely managed messaging so content is timely and continually relevant. 

Our environmental impact screens help tell the conservation story in equivalency measures that the public can connect with. Though it is difficult to conceptualize a metric tonne reduction of CO2e, equivalencies like the number of cars removed from the road help give meaning to the results. 

The dashboard allows climate conscious organizations to demonstrate the steps they are taking to improve sustainability through energy efficiency efforts.

Greenwave believes that all sustainability initiatives start with accurate consumption data. This holds true for our clients that want to implement their own renewable generation and storage solutions.

We recognizes that our clients should generate for what they actually require and not what they are using today. This means that all re-commissioning efforts (non-capital) and ROI based capital expenditures are implemented, or at least accommodated for, as renewable generation systems are sized.   

In addition to being able to size the renewable systems properly, Greenwave’s energy monitoring platform allows for generation metrics to be tracked in real-time alongside the consumption metrics which can be displayed on our public-facing energy dashboard, allowing our clients to tell their sustainability story.

Greenwave’s technology uses on-going real-time monitoring of renewable energy generation to ensure that the generation system is working properly. Failures in solar panels, faulty wiring connections between them, snow accumulation, etc. can be easily identified and resolved.

Greenwave is committed to supporting our clients' sustainability and climate conscious initiatives by quantifying energy conservation results in the form of measured and verified greenhouse gas emissions reductions and equivalencies. We are actively working to support our Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments’ climate initiatives by producing immediate results through energy efficiency.

Greenwave believes in the importance of collecting baseline data ranging from 6 – 12 months, after which permanent reductions from energy efficient practices, both capital and non-capital, can be tracked and compared by our engineers. This granular data will verify actions, confirm reductions and provide a basis for equivalencies calculations. 

Greenwave continues to follow, and establish, best practices such that the quantified reductions follow energy efficiency protocols and can be registered and sold within carbon credit trading systems.

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