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Energy Sub-Monitoring

Greenwave provides electrical sub-monitoring solutions that combine simple, non-intrusive hardware collection devices with sophisticated cloud-based software analytics. Minute by minute consumption data is collected at various distribution points throughout a facility and is available immediately through an online portal where consumption, time of day breakdown and cost reports can be generated.

Once baseline usage has been established, Greenwave’s engineers work to identify and discuss permanent efficiency opportunities with the building operators. Recommendations may include re-commissioning (non-capital) efforts, a change of maintenance practices, or capital upgrade based on an ROI analysis. 

As sub-monitoring continues, the data collection provides the basis for a verification process that clearly defines before vs after energy consumption. This becomes key as we look to quantify our client’s greenhouse gas emission reductions resulting from their efficiency efforts.

Once data collection is established using non-intrusive devices, real-time water and natural gas consumption metrics allow for conservation analysis and fast leak detection. We verify a baseline usage of zero, which every building is able to achieve and continue using our sub-monitoring software to identify any new continual leaks (i.e. toilet, sprinkler, etc.) or a more serious line burst.

This risk reduction technology has been recognized by progressive insurance companies that are now rewarding pro-active clients with premium discounts.

In addition to producing energy conservation results, identifying equipment issues prior to failures is a key element of Greenwave’s long-term, building management strategy. Detailed electrical consumption data can allow for building maintenance procedures to transition from a re-active to a pro-active approach.

Per circuit monitoring of critical building components allows for real-time notification of equipment performance issues. While instant text and email notifications are sent to the individual building operators and maintenance partners, a central monitoring service can be established to track all locations and alerts. Greenwave provides a workday central monitoring offering as well as a 24/7 dispatch service in partnership with a trusted security monitoring company.

Upon a performance warning, the building operator can compare historical performance data with current data to confirm the abnormal pattern and be confident that action is needed.

Greenwave’s focus on a pro-active monitoring strategy also plays a role in ensuring that the building’s safety and emergency readiness systems are indeed operational and in proper standby modes. The monitoring of critical individual circuits such as emergency lighting, exit signs, fire and security systems, etc. will provide yellow or red indications of potential problems that may not otherwise be noticed until a state of emergency.

A slight drop in baseline “normal” usage will trigger an alerting mechanism to provide instant notification of a change in power usage. The benefits of using real-time data to enhance emergency readiness systems cannot be over-emphasized.  These circuits would not make the “important to monitor list” if we only focused on utility-based ROI equations in design evaluation criteria.

Real-time data monitoring and predictive maintenance alerts on individual pieces of equipment highlight instant performance issues. The Greenwave platform can be used to assist building operators fine-tune their standard preventative maintenance procedures.

Before and after performance metrics can be used to re-evaluate all maintenance procedures that are believed to offer efficiency improvements. Most existing preventative maintenance practices are time based (i.e. every 3 months) where a more accurate indicator may be equipment run-time.

Clients looking to have the information of all major mechanical assets in one common database including information like make, model, serial number, age, etc. can take advantage of Greenwave’s asset management feature. The building operator can quickly and accurately identify the piece of equipment that generated a performance alert or is being evaluated for an efficiency upgrade.

Once equipment specs are entered, a score ranking report can be generated for our client’s entire database of locations in order to determine the specific facilities and/or the specific pieces of equipment that may be due for an efficiency upgrade.   

During routine maintenance procedures, technicians can update the status assessments so a new scorecard reports can be generated at any time.

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