We support your sustainability initiatives 
and deliver energy conservation results

We produce results through detailed measurement and verification solutions that cover all elements of energy – water, electricity and gas.

By analyzing your consumption, we consult with you to implement ROI based conservation actions. Detailed and accurate information allows you to make informed decisions on the behavioural changes, scheduling changes and capital investments that produce energy conservation results.

We will quantify your cost savings and your carbon footprint reductions.

Real-time data

Our software combines real-time consumption and production metrics into a single dashboard allowing you to target a net zero facility. Solar and wind generation solutions are often implemented without a method of promoting sustainability and ensuring generation targets are achieved.

Smart panel TVs display real-time energy metrics to engage employees, guests, executives and investors on the corporation’s sustainability initiatives and carbon footprint reduction results.

Avoid the run-to-fail model with predictive maintenance

We assist in altering your maintenance strategies from a re-active to pro-active approach using IoT software analytics. Our technology analyses historical usage patterns and provides real-time predictive alerts. These alerts warn you of immediate or potential equipment failures.

Our predictive maintenance monitoring services allow you to focus on your business operations. We provide real-time alerts to your operational staff, mechanical maintenance partners, management and key executives of potential issues prior to failures.

Save up to 15% on your insurance premiums

Our predictive maintenance and monitoring solutions are recognized by national insurance underwriters.

The future of sustainability

As a SaskPower Efficiency Partner, we are committed to helping our clients, our province and our country reach their sustainability goals.

Once consumption reduction initiatives have been implemented, we work with you to implement specific green generation and energy storage solutions. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t allows blow—energy storage and management solutions are an essential component of green generation.

With consumption knowledge in-hand, we provide specific solutions that target reduction in your peak demand usage.

Your partner in energy conservation

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